About Us

Barracks is a social impact based apparel company for men and women. We are inspired by utilitarian military aesthetic in conjunction with inspirational life stories from everyday people. In our engagement campaigns, we share and celebrate notable accounts of our Barracks Warriors, a resilient group of individuals who embrace life’s challenges as part of its journey and strive to persevere in all circumstances.

Our founding values lie within themes of authenticity, self-improvement and community building. At the Barracks camp, we are committed to creating feel-good apparel and content that motivates and unites all. We strive to inspire people to reach their full potential by fostering a resilient and inclusive culture through our engagement activities.



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cc :               Toronto, Canada
Subject :     BARRACKS Intro

My name is Roger Brown and I am the founder and creative director of the social impact based apparel brand BARRACKS (pronounced Berəks).

Barracks is about living and getting better each day. The brand organically emerged from a plethora of activities. From routine conversations about life with family and friends to random encounters with strangers in remote places around the world.

I’ve always gravitated towards the swagger, utilitarianism and timeless appeal of military uniforms as far as I can remember.  They are made for combat but also cool for simply lounging just like our clothes. We design with quality and fun in mind yet purposefully craft to psychologically motivate you.

Welcome to our camp and enjoy your stay.


March Forward.